Nobel Conference 53 “Honoring the Stories” : Emily Barnard

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I have made it my life’s work to train as a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility physician.

There is no greater joy than helping individuals and couples fulfill dreams to become parents.
Conversely, there is no greater sorrow with each subsequent negative pregnancy test, miscarriage, or diagnosis when you must tell a person they may not be able to become a parent in the manner in which they envisioned.

The ability to be both a source of information and a pillar of strength for my patients is contrasted by the days where we shed a tear and hold each other’s hand a little tighter when treatments do not yield a pregnancy. There are times all you have to offer is a supportive ear and a hand to hold, and at times this is equally important as people share their most intimate of stories with their gynecologist.

In a field that constantly changes, fast-paced technology forces us to grapple with ethical questions about genetics and life. I am confident that my chosen field will bring me personal fulfillment and challenge me to give the best compassionate care to my patients every day.



Written by Emily Barnard, Class of 2008


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