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Charles Sawyers | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Howard Hughes Medical Institute

How do we develop new cancer drugs? The example of Gleevec and other molecularly-targeted therapies.

Kathryn Schmitz | Penn State Cancer Institute

How can exercise contribute to cancer prevention and to the effectiveness of other cancer treatments?

Nobel Conference 56 Goes Digital

The 2020 Nobel Conference is moving to an online format. Plans are being developed to deliver the Nobel Conference’s signature mix of expert lectures, audience engagement, and breakout sessions in a virtual format. Register for the virtual Conference The planning committee will prioritize opportunities for discussion and questioning among panelists and with the audience. If […]

Nobel Conference 53 “Honoring the Stories” : A Father and Husband

I will never be able to understand how it feels to not be able to have a child. I will never be able to understand how it feels to be told, ” You cannot bear children”. As a husband, I love my wife and love all who encompasses her happiness. I wish to support her […]

Nobel Conference 53 “Honoring the Stories” : A Mother

I am not able to carry children. I have tried countless times. I have seen all the doctors needed in the State of California, city of Fresno. But still, I come short every time. I ask myself at night, is it me? What have I done to deserve a life with no children? In my […]

Nobel Conference 53 “Honoring the Stories” : A Clinical Psychologist

Reproductive technology implies choice – choice to manage infertility, to engage with science, and to experience parenthood in ways that may otherwise not be possible. It means controversy, disagreement, and challenging of personal beliefs and morals. It means choice not to utilize reproductive technologies if one doesn’t agree with it. Impact can be both positive […]

Nobel Conference 53 “Honoring the Stories” : Emily Barnard

I have made it my life’s work to train as a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility physician. There is no greater joy than helping individuals and couples fulfill dreams to become parents. Conversely, there is no greater sorrow with each subsequent negative pregnancy test, miscarriage, or diagnosis when you must tell a person they may not […]

Nobel Conference 53 “Honoring the Stories” : Angelique Dwyer

Birthing has been one of the most empowering experiences of my life. Both of my children’s births were water births. The first water birth happened by accident, the second was well planned and executed to perfection. For my first pregnancy, being a new mother I wasn’t confident enough to pursue a midwife or a water birth, […]

Nobel Conference 53 “Honoring the Stories” : Gina LaCombe

He is currently in my arms, my testament to persevering through the difficult journey of infertility. Without science, hard earned money, and sheer determination our beautiful 12 week old son would not exist. Marrying later in life, and delaying trying to conceive due to a diagnosis of Lyme disease, by the age of 38 I […]

Nobel Conference 53 “Honoring the Stories” : Carly (Johnson) Erickson

My husband, CJ and I are both Gustie grads and have our time at Gustavus to thank for being blessed with our now 1 month old son, Jack. 10 years ago I had the opportunity to shadow a Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Randle Corfman at Midwest Center for Reproductive Health in Maple Grove as part of […]