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Nobel Conference 48 Profile of Christopher Sabine

As carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have increased from around 280 parts per million preindustrially to near 400 parts per million in 2012, the scientific community has been diligently working to predict how much warmer the earth’s atmosphere will become. It is well known that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased due mainly […]

Coal-Fired Utilities Ponder Carbon Risk and Future Plans

As governments wrestle with the implications of carbon emissions and global warming, electric utilities dependent on coal-fired power plants are pondering their response to the situation and probable future carbon regulation. With 50-60% percent of the nation’s electricity coming from coal, the question is a huge one for utilities. The cheapest plants to operate are […]

Global Cooling and Scientific Confusion

A comment was made in general chemistry today about scientists in the 1970s saying we should be worried about global cooling. Now scientists are warning about global warming. Why are scientists so confused on this issue? A summary of this issue can be found at New Scientist’s web site: here The debate centers around the […]