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Patenting Seeds: Conference Lecturers Weigh In

Here are the first two responses we received to our query of the Nobel lecturers, regarding the matter of patenting seed life. Marion Nestle notes “I wrote about the patenting issue in my book, Safe Food, half of which is about genetically modified foods.” She also points to the film FOOD, INC., and the work […]

Nobel: A weeklong gastronomic preview to be offered in the MarketPlace

The mission: Create seven menu items, each of which somehow evokes the life or work of one of our seven Nobel Speakers. Offer them to diners in the MarketPlace the week before the Nobel Conference. (Check out the day’s menu offering s at the Dining Service website The creative team: Dining Service director Steve Kjellgren […]

“Push-pull” agriculture in Kenya links to Nobel discussions

Some news on the international ag production front. As background on the article, stem borer is obviously a kind of pest we are familiar with, but the Striga pest mentioned in the article is a parasitic weed with varied species that use their roots to steal nutrients from corn, sorghum, millet, and cowpeas (aka black-eyed […]

Expired, but still good? An ethical musing

On the blog for his CSA, Paul Thompson  reflects on whether or not it’s ethical to donate food that passed its “best by” date.

Genetically engineered salmon: FDA considers approval

A salmon that grows at twice the ordinary speed is being considered by the FDA to be the first genetically engineered animal approved for human consumption. The fish was engineered at AquaBounty Technologies of Waltham, Massachusetts, a small firm that argues that the fish could “help feed the world.” This article about the fish quotes  […]

Federal court overturns FDA approval of genetically engineered sugar beet

A California federal judge has rescinded the approval of Roundup-Ready sugar beets, according to a post on the Center for Food Safety website, and an article in the New York Times. “In September 2009, the Court had found that the USDA had violated the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) by approving the Monsanto-engineered biotech crop […]

Paul Thompson on the ethics of animal biotech

“Decisions about the future development and use of animal biotechnology may be more effective and widely accepted if parties from various disciplines increase their commitment to frequent and sustained cooperative efforts,” notes Paul B. Thompson, upon the release of a new issue paper on the ethics of animal biotechnology. The paper, entitled Ethical Implications of […]