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Marion Nestle, Dewey Prize Winner

Marion Nestle was recently awarded the John Dewey Award for Distinguished Public Service, at commencement ceremonies at the Bard Prison Initiative, one of the only privately-funded prison education programs in existence in the country. Students of the program had started a prison garden, with food going to supply both the prison and local food shelves. […]

Dr. Linda Bartoshuk profiled in Science

The June 18 issue of Science contains a biographical profile featuring Dr Linda Bartoshuk who will speak at Nobel 2010, Making Food Good.  The article highlights her pathway to becoming a psychophysicist, the discovery of “supertasters”, and recent efforts to reconfigure the subjective scale employed to assess such attributes as pain and taste. Science article […]

Biodiversity and Food Security

At a Capitol Hill briefing on June 16 sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, “Paul Gepts, a geneticist and professor of agronomy at the University of California, Davis, warned that inadequate crop biodiversity in the United States could hamstring American farmers as climate change intensifies.” This topic will be sure to […]