Nobel Conference 53 “Honoring the Stories” : Barb Larson Taylor

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The fact that my brother and I were adopted was a celebrated part of our family history. Feelings of gratitude that my parents could have a family seemed to radiate through my whole childhood. When I asked my mom about trying to become pregnant, all she said was that she was not able to have kids.

As I grew older, I saw through friends the emotional journey of infertility and even the hopes and fears of those who adopt. I realized that even though all I ever saw was love from my parents that this love was built on pain.

Then when I was in my thirties I learned the rest of the story because my biological mother contacted me via the adoption agency. As a child born before Roe v. Wade, my biological mother was sent away by her mother to live with a family in another city and deliver me so no one would ever know about the pregnancy. If she didn’t do this she would not have been welcomed back to her family. I was a shameful secret.

What an amazing moment when my biological mother met my mom and dad and for all of them to express gratitude to each other for the choices made that gave me an amazing childhood.

I have often thought about how different it may have turned out if the technologies available today were available in 1970. For my life, I am blessed and grateful that it turned out the way it did.


Written by Barb Larson Taylor, Class of 1993


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