Nobel Conference 53 “Honoring the Stories” : Gina LaCombe

Posted on August 27th, 2017 by

He is currently in my arms, my testament to persevering through the difficult journey of infertility. Without science, hard earned money, and sheer determination our beautiful 12 week old son would not exist.

Marrying later in life, and delaying trying to conceive due to a diagnosis of Lyme disease, by the age of 38 I had taken my fertility for granted. Little did I know that the next 3 years would be filled with countless diagnostic tests (revealing severely diminished ovarian reserve), ultrasounds, blood draws and injections.

Three failed IUIs, a disastrous fresh donor egg cycle, and two RE’s later we successfully conceived on our first cycle using frozen donor eggs.

I am thankful for reproductive technology every single time I look at my beautiful son.



Written by Gina LaCombe, Class of 1998


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