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Nestle with Helga Hellberg and Mark Mulcahy

Listen in on this Organic Conversation where Marion Nestle discusses Food Politics with Helge Helberg and Mark Hellberg on September 7, 2010.

Marion Nestle: Food Politics and Food Safety

In a recent blog post, Nestle responds to the question: A decent food safety system: will we ever get one?

Pop Tarts: They are not just for breakfast anymore!

What do you think about Pop Tarts? Did you enjoy them as a kid? Do you crave them now as an adult? What do you think about a NYC store that is DEVOTED solely to Pop-Tarts?? Marion Nestle discusses the latest in food marketing with her blog today on you guessed it: Pop Tarts!

The Kathleen Show and Marion Nestle

Marion Nestle is featured in the media often.  The Kathleen show is described at as: Smart, funny, and down-to-earth, Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau delivers great information in an entertaining hour of radio. Kathleen is a mom, wife and former drug pusher (legally) turned critically acclaimed filmmaker. They feature some of the country’s most provocative thought leaders who […]

Nestle: Water and Sports Drinks

It’s summer and we are thirsty. Marion Nestle tackles the “8 glasses of water myth” and the value of sports drinks in her latest blog:

Nestle’s Perspective in New England Journal of Medicine

Nestle is an expert at synthesizing information around food in a manner that is readable, informative and enlightening. A recent issue of the New England Journal of Medicine featured her Perspective on the subject of calorie labeling. (New England Journal of Medicine 2010;362:2343-2345). Nestle weighs in almost daily on her blog: She writes the […]

Nestle’s new book: Feed Your Pet Right

Marion Nestle is no stranger to the media spotlight. Her most recently published book Feed Your Pet Right “is an entertaining and informative examination of the booming pet food industry—its history, constituent companies, products, and marketing practices—written by two experts who took an objective look at the science behind pet food industry practices and claims.”  […]