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Marion Nestle and Linda Bartoshuk: Today’s Focus of the MarketPlace Specials

Meet the ideas of Marion Nestle and Linda Bartoshuk, by way of your palate! Today’s Nobel-inspired meals invite you into the research of Bartoshuk, the psychologist whose research into taste first led to the discovery of “supertasters,” and Marion Nestle, the biologist/nutritionist whose work focuses on nutrition, public policy and the food industry. Inspired by […]

Bina Agarwal-inspired curry in the MarketPlace!

Today’s Nobel-inspired meal in the MarketPlace honors Bina Agarwal, an economist at the University of Delhi, whose work has linked agriculture, gender, and land rights issues, among other things. So, look for Indian curry with fresh local vegetables.  When we asked Agarwal for her ideas, she replied, “I can share what I eat rather than […]

Jeffrey Friedman-inspired menu in the MarketPlace today!

Jeffrey Friedman is the man who discovered leptin, the a hormonal signal made by the body’s fat cells that regulates food intake and energy expenditure and has powerful effects on reproduction, metabolism, other endocrine systems, and even immune function. Friedman’s team isolated the gene that, when mutated, caused the rat on the left to, as […]

Celebrate Cary Fowler Day in the MarketPlace!

Today, you have an opportunity to taste something quite rare and special, if you venture over to the soup zone in the MarketPlace. In honor of Cary Fowler (who just won a big prize, for his efforts to preserve biodiversity, btw!), we’re serving Grass Pea Soup. Grass Peas, also called Cicerchia (Lathyrus sativus), are similar […]

Cary Fowler honored with Heinz Family Foundation award

The Heinz Family Foundation has honored Cary Fowler, one of this year’s Nobel Speakers, with a Heinz Award. Established by Teresa Heinz to honor her late husband, US Senator John Heinz, the annual awards recognize individuals who have made contributions to areas of importance to John Heinz. This year’s awards, including a cash prize of […]

It’s Paul Thompson Day in the Marketplace!

Check out the VariVeggie Zone today, to find the menu inspired by Nobel Conference presenter Paul Thompson. Professor Thompson blogged about one of his favorite summer meals, heirloom tomatoes with cottage cheese and fresh black pepper–and about his dream of opening a restaurant chain called “Fat Elvis.” The Dining Service has recreated that meal here, […]

Nobel: A weeklong gastronomic preview to be offered in the MarketPlace

The mission: Create seven menu items, each of which somehow evokes the life or work of one of our seven Nobel Speakers. Offer them to diners in the MarketPlace the week before the Nobel Conference. (Check out the day’s menu offering s at the Dining Service website The creative team: Dining Service director Steve Kjellgren […]

Nestle with Helga Hellberg and Mark Mulcahy

Listen in on this Organic Conversation where Marion Nestle discusses Food Politics with Helge Helberg and Mark Hellberg on September 7, 2010.

Tabasco Sauce: now THAT’S evolved!

Yet another upside of human evolution: we like to set our mouths on fire. In this Times article, we learn a bit about the psychology of pleasure and pain, as they concern the infernal chili. Linda Bartoshuk, our Wednesday afternoon speaker, explores the terrain of taste, pleasure and health.

Friedman Wins Lasker Award

Yesterday the  New York Times reported that the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation honored Jeffrey Friedman, Rockefeller University,  and Douglas Coleman, Jackson Laboratory, with the prestigious Lasker Award for their discovery of leptin, a hormone produced by fat cells that regulates metabolic rate and food intake.   Please do listen to Dr Friedman discuss “Leptin and […]