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Nobel Conference 49 Profile of Samuel Ting

Discovering the fundamental nature of the universe requires scientists with vision, ingenuity, and persistence. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Samuel Ting exemplifies these important traits. His experiments have discovered one of the six known quarks, the fundamental building blocks of all matter, and more recently have been probing matter, antimatter, and dark matter from a detector […]

Nobel Conference 49 Profile of Frank Wilczek

What is matter? We’ve come a long way toward a solid understanding of matter in the last forty years, while at the same time gaining new insight into the nature of space and an inspiring vision of the symmetry of physical law. Emerging from the strange and once-revolutionary ideas of quantum theory and special relativity, […]

Nobel Conference 48 Profile of Kathleen Dean Moore

If you wanted to listen to the ocean, what would you do? Would you sit on a rocky headland while waves crashed and thundered their slow beat far below? If you wanted to delight in the ocean, what would you do? Would you float on gorgeous, green, rolling waves while a pod of dolphins leaped […]

Nobel Conference 48 Profile of William Fitzgerald

Have you ever paused as you made a tuna sandwich and wondered just what went on in that fish’s life? To grow large enough to be caught, the tuna must have eaten a lot of food—smaller ocean creatures—that had, in turn, been eating and growing in the ocean for their whole lives. If “you are […]

Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Read today’s NYTimes op-ed piece You Love Your iPhone. Literally on how our brain circuitry reveals that our addiction to our iPhones may really be true love.  Please join us next week in learning more about what the brain sciences might be able to tell us about love, addiction and the potential  benefits and consequences […]

Neural iPhones, Telepathic Helmets and Thought Chips

Read a recent article in the NYTimes “The Cyborg in Us All” and come to Nobel 47 The Brain and Being Human to learn more about how human communication may be revolutionized when mind is melded to machine.

The Game of Love

Read what neuroscientist David Linden, author of The Compass of Pleasure, has to say about the neurobiology of love in his answers to the “Five Questions” series in the Washington Post. Come learn more about this topic from Dr Larry Young on Tuesday October 4 at the upcoming Nobel Conference 47, The Brain and Being […]

When the Melody Takes a Detour, the Science Begins

A NYTimes article reports on a recent World Science Conference on Music and Spontaneity when a panel of neuroscientists and musicians discussed the  “neurological processes underlying improvisation and what they tell us about human creativity and the structure of the brain”. One may wonder whether the scientific study of music a worthwhile endeavor?  Or perhaps […]

Neuromarketing: Music Sales

ScienceNow reports that when neuroeconomist Gregory Berns used functional magnetic resonance to image the brains of teenagers while they listened to songs, he found that  the average activity elicited by a song in the reward centers of the brain was a better predictor of a song’s commercial success than the likability ratings for the song […]

Brain Implants: Restoring Memories

The NYTimes reported that scientists at Wake Forest and USC implanted an electrode into the hippocampus of a rat that played memories “like a melody on a piano”, thus restoring a forgotten learning rule. On October 4 and 5, speakers invited to Nobel 47 The Brain and Being Human will discuss some of the exciting […]